F l i n t   I d e a s   火 花 創 作

"Flint Ideas" is one of the most professional uniform company in Hong Kong. Flint Ideas is composed of dedicated and motivated staff and management. We have sales department, design department, purchasing department and production department in Hong Kong. Under the good management policy and system, we can provide one-stop high-quality uniforms customized services to different customers. Products range from T-shirts, Polo-shirts, windbreakers, sportswear to various company and uniformed groups uniforms.


"Flint Ideas" has its own factory in Dongguan and Huizhou. Both factories are with modern production lines and technical equipment. All the uniforms and products are subject to strict quality control procedures so that all product quality can reach the customer's requirements and standards. "Flint Ideas" has always adhered to its high products quality and well known for a good services quality and an affordable price. Therefore, we have served various school, uniform groups and companies throughout these years and have gained good reputation and supports.

「Flint Ideas 火花創作」是香港最專業的制服公司之一。我們是由充滿熱誠及幹勁的員工及管理層組成的一間公司,在港分有銷售部、設計部、採購部和生產部,在良好的管理系統和制度下,務求可以為不同的客戶提供一條龍的優質制服訂造服務。產品範圍由團體衫, Polo-shirts, 風褸, 運動衫至公司及制服團體制服,包羅萬有。


「Flint Ideas 火花創作」於中國東莞及惠州自設廠房,擁有現代化生產線及技術設備。所有的團體服及制服成品均經過嚴格的品質監控程序,故所有產品質量均可達至客戶的要求及標準。「Flint Ideas 火花創作」一貫堅持旗下產品手工精細,價錢實惠及服務專業見稱。因此,承蒙各學校、制服團隊及工商機構的良好口碑,獲得客戶信心及支持。

H e r c u l e s   S p o r t s w e a r

Hercules Sportswear is Flint Ideas's sublimation jerseys and high-end sportswear brand. Hercules Sportswear uses high-quality Dry fit fabric to produce professional and fashionable sportswear with a bold and innovative design. Thus, the athlete's body and characteristics can be highlighted meanwhile enhancing their sports’ performance.

In hopes of making each product personal and comfortable, we provide one-stop production services. Hercules Sportswear sets up factories in both Hong Kong and China. From designs to materials are controlled with the quality management and control system. The whole process of sportswear production, design, weaving fabrics and accessories, sample making, printing, embroidery and packaging processes, is strictly monitored and control to ensure every product can meet customer’s requirements and expectation.

Hercules Sportswear是Flint Ideas火花創作旗下的熱昇華球衣及高端運動服品牌‧一直致力生產高品質的運動服。用大膽創新的設計並配合優質的Dry fit布料,製作專業及時尚的熱昇華球衣及運動服,以突顯運動員的體態及個性,並提高運動員的運動表現。

為了使每件出品都貼身舒適, 不論是運動衫或褲, 我們也能提供一條龍式訂造服務。Hercules Sportswear在國內及香港自設廠房,配合優質管理及品質監控系統, 由訂織面料及輔料、起紙樣、製辦、印花、繡花、到最後的生產及包裝工序,我們都親自監控,以確保出品合乎客戶要求。